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It’s not the number of contacts that you have that counts, but how many know you and especially what they know about you.

Do I have to use social and professional networks and make myself visible ?
This question no longer arises. With the new available applications, amateurism has no place. You need a real professional digital identity, for which consistency, coherence and connexion are the key words.

After 2-4 years in a position, it is legitimate to feel boxed inside. Nothing more legitimate then to begin searching for a new professional challenge, whether it’s a position with more responsibilities, with another scope, a better wage or a job where in which to develop new skills and fulfill yourself.

Frustration often appears when we are not able to develop our career within a company that we don’t necessarily wish to leave. I’ve met a lot of talents that report not being supported by their manager in their development potential or not being taken into account for internal positions. They question themselves on the reasons for their colleague’s promotion and when it will be their turn. What did they miss ? Today, talents want promotions faster than before. The time of waiting for your superior to retire or to be promoted in order for you to be promoted yourself is over. Why should your own promotion depend on the career of others ?

Did you know that most companies do not have a regularly updated database of their employees? Most often, the HR department only holds your CV and the dossier on which the company hired you. Therefore, there is no visibility at all on your recent professional record, your trainings, your new competences and experiences (see Insights No 4). We only can imagine what a dynamic system where your skills would be constantly up to date, could bring in terms of resources optimization and employee management and development.

In June 2015, the Wall Street Journal announced the launch by LinkedIn of an application to remplace the traditional « directory » of companies, and therefore compete their databases. LinkedIn stems form the observation that 30% of its users use LinkedIn to search colleagues. The professional network also announced that 38% of companies use LinkedIn to search information on their employees instead of consulting their own database. Hence the idea of the LookUp application for HR professionals and the talent management of companies, that complements the LinkedIn offer along with its other applications like Recruiter, Talent Finder, etc.

In this context, we need to stop believing or waiting for the increasingly rare « spontaneous promotion ». To do your job properly is no longer enough to be taken into consideration, you must make it known. Start by making sure that your colleagues, the stakeholders and any person with whom you are in interaction see your added value for the company, the department or your team. Grasp all opportunities to demonstrate your competences and to position yourself as an expert (see Insights No 2). Become an inescapable actor by building quality relations with the decision-makers and the persons that share the same corporate culture and values. It’s all about transforming your connexions into relations.

Do talents who complain about not receiving promotions really do what it takes ? Everybody has to play his part (see Insights No 1 and Insights No 3). It is their responsibility to know what they are worth and where they want to go and to communicate it. In addition, to build and to maintain their network during an entire professional career is essential to be in the frontlines when an occasion of promotion or change would arise. Before quitting your job, try this strategy, take advice from a mentor or get support and expertise from a career development specialist.

If it doesn’t work out and you consider that you do not have the right professional recognition or that your potential isn’t used at its fair value, it’s actually time to change and find the right environment to apply your skills ( see Insights No 4, Insights No 5 and Insights No 6).

In the search for a promotion or a new job, there are a great amount of things you can’t control. The only thing you can is the work and the personal involvement that you will decide to invest in your career. That’s the way you will become « remarkable ».

In all cases, make sure to have a clear and coherent profile and professional identity. To do your job remarkably is no longer enough, you must be able to tell it – storytelling is everything, to expose it and make your relations adhere to your positioning whether in your company or within your online or offline contacts.

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