Project Manager SAP BASIS HANA S/4

  • Secteurs d'activité : Conseil en gestion, Services d’information, Technologie de l’information et services
  • Type de contrat : Permanent (CDI), À durée déterminée (CDD)
  • Disponibilité : Préavis de 1 mois
  • Exécution du travail : Sur site, Bureau à domicile / À distance


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  • Villes souhaitées : Swiss french area
  • Pourcentage de déplacement : 20 %


  • Suisse

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  • Moyen de transport : Transports publics, Véhicule 2 roues
  • Date de naissance : 30 Jan 1965
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My professional goal is to lead projects for the migration to SAP HANA S/4 as a SAP BASIS technical lead using my extensive experience of the SAP architecture, systems and solutions as well as my comprehensive skills in project management.
The migration to HANA S/4 raises many questions for customers when planning their transformation, it is vital to have experience people to understand the current SAP ERP landscape and to choose the best approach for the migration and to build a realistic integrated plan. Technical and functional teamwork is also crucial for the success of the adoption of the new innovation features introduced by HANA S/4.
Today I am flexible regarding the type of contract it could be permanent or temporary, same for the work rate 80% could be possible. I do not wish to travel a lot but I am opened for business trips when necessary. My preference is to work onsite in the Swiss French part with possibilities to work from home when it is appropriate.

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20 année d'expérience

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Dernières expériences

SAP Solution Manager Dual Landscape

Oct 2019 - Jan 2020

Project to implement a SAP dual landscape including a productive maintenance track and a project track to develop new business functionality. Used Solution Manager 7.2 CHARM retrofit to synchronize the development systems in the maintenance and project tracks.

SAP Solution Expert Performance & Monitoring HANA

2015 - 2019

Establishing SAP Solution Manager 7.1 as the primary solution to monitor 400 SAP HANA and 1300 ABAP and JAVA servers. Planning the deployment of SAP Focused Run 1.0 as the next generation monitoring platform to replace Solution Manager.

Developing a service contract including the “what” and the “how” with an external partner to build and implement the SAP monitoring solutions (Solution Manager & Focused Run).
Introducing SAP Focused Run on HANA as a strategic monitoring platform in collaboration with SAP product management and support. The configuration and the deployment have been achieved in collaboration with an external partner. This new platform provides ITOA (IT Operation Analysis) for predictive analysis, advanced user monitoring to diagnose performance issues with the FIORI applications, configuration and security analysis for compliance reporting.

Deployment of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Monitoring Alerting Infrastructure (MAI) functionality to monitor the SAP HANA (ABAP & JAVA) systems using SAP standards monitoring templates. Installation of the monitoring agents, configuration of the metrics and alerts, development of an interface to automatically create alert tickets in HP Service Manager. Development of custom dashboards to proactively detect error conditions.

SAP BASIS Design Project Manager

2010 - 2019

Planning SAP BASIS design resources to support the demand from the SAP functional teams for 15-20 projects per year. Capturing estimated and actuals efforts in man days to reflect the workload and the costs of the projects. Mobilizing virtual teams located in remote locations.

Leading a SAP BASIS design sub team of 8 staff members in charge of the transversal SAP ABAP and JAVA components: Portal, Security, Transport management, Software maintenance and upgrade, Process integration, Solution Manager.

Driving the task force to secure the SAP internal and external communication channels using Nestlé signed certificates, HTTPS or SNC and SSO.

Practicing the Six Sigma GSTD & DMAIC methodology to analyse and resolve complex problems. Obtained the white belt certification.

Developing and implementing SAP transport management techniques (TMS, CTS, CTS+, CHARM) for ABAP, JAVA and HANA including the procedures to export and import objects consistently in order to reduce the side effects.

Developing the best practices and the procedures to apply the SAP software maintenance (kernel, support packages, upgrades) 1-2x a year for 30 production systems.

Éducation / Formation

Diplôme fédéral de technicien ET en informatique technique

1990 - 1994

formation suivie en cours du soir pendant 4 ans

Ecole supérieure de Commerce du canton de Vaud

- 1984




C2 - Maîtrise ou courant



C1 - Avancé



B1 - Seuil intermédiaire


  • Ski-Club organizing and leading mountain skiing tours 2-3 per season

  • Outdoors activities such as skiing, road & mountain bike, running in the forest and rowing on the lake.

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