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Témoignages et recommandations.

Merci à tous nos clients pour leur confiance au fil des ans.

Kalin Nicolov

Digital Transformation & Strategy | Decentralized Governance & Incentives | Cryptoeconomics

Whether you are an employer who seeks the best for your staff at times of growth or transition or a self-aware professional who would like to challenge themselves and reach the next level, you need to be talking to Leslie. He will reflect, as perfect as a mirror, the strengths and needed improvements ahead. He has a rare gift, to challenge and unlock potential by coaching how to capitalise experience. The only condition is to be comfortable with the truth and invested towards the goal. Ready?

Gianfranco Piroli

Director, Aftermarket Services

I had the pleasure to work with Leslie. Leslie coached me on career development and helped me to move on to a new position. I must say that Leslie had a great impact on the way I looked at my previous experiences to truly assess my strengths, weaknesses, and above all, my opportunities for going forward. Brainstorming with Leslie is enjoyable and effective: he transmits positivity and enthusiasm, which is exactly what you expect from a coach/ consultant. I can recommend Leslie to any senior manager who wants to assess "where s/he is" and above all, understand "where s/he wants and can go towards".

Anna Sarafianou

International Brand Communication Manager

« Leslie Eusebe is a very charismatic and fun person to work with. He is having an internal sense of understanding the essential qualities of other people and always finds the right strategy to organize and promote these qualities. A natural connector of people and situations. He challenged me and motivated me to act outside my comfort zone. I feel very lucky having worked with him ».

Raymond Palmen


« When you first meet Leslie, you feel that his charism and energy is just contagious! He is a real expert in his field and is able to think with the actual macro-economic context in mind. He challenges you in a very direct, candid way ... exactly what you need, authentic feedback is a gift! And of course you should challenge Leslie too, that is exactly the best way to get the most value out of his long experience ».

Loris Capovilla

Health Safety Environment Expert

« J'ai eu la joie de rencontrer Leslie qui est avant tout un homme sympathique, chaleureux et à l'énergie positive communicative. J’ai eu la chance de bénéficier de son écoute, aide et conseil dans le cadre de la définition de mon projet professionnel. Son empathie, ses questionnements sur mes compétences, mon expérience, ma démarche et son contexte lui ont permis de cerner avec acuité mes attentes et mes envies. Sa parfaite connaissance du marché et de ses attentes ainsi que son écoute active m’ont permis de bien définir mon projet et d’identifier mes cibles. Lors de la mise en pratique des conseils prodigués j’ai pu constater leur grande efficacité ».

Sergio Brotons

Digital Marketing Manager

« I strongly recommend Leslie's work. His deep knowledge and creative are put at your reach to build upon your skills and competences into your next career step. Leslie will help you to understand better your strengths and how make the most of them and the areas that you need to improve in very pedagogical way. I'm very satisfied with the results of his career development consultancy ».

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