ITSM Service Manager | Program Manager | Change Manager

  • Salary expectation: CHF 16'000 - 25'000 per month
  • Type of contract: Permanent
  • Availability: 3 months notice
  • Work execution: Onsite/Onshore, Home office/Remote


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Workplace preferences

  • Prefered location: Vevey, Lausanne
  • Travel percentage: 50 %


  • Irish
  • Work permits: Swiss, Irish

Useful information

  • Birth date: Nov 11, 1979
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3 Languages
15 Years of work experience


With more than 15 years’ experience in the IT department of multi-national companies, my professional objective is to bridge the gap between the business and IT, through clear communication style and a hands-on relationship management approach. Ultimately it is to ensure that IT is viewed as a business partner providing a competitive advantage to the business as opposed to a simple service provider.

My goal has always been to ensure that the services that IT provides to the business are stream-lined, efficient and easy to use. In addition, my belief is that through direct communication and applied change management, that we can “lift the veil” on the complexity of IS/IT departments.

My view is that this can be achieved through industry-leading service management tools such as ServiceNow, which allows for clear processes for projects, requests, workflows as well as incidents and change requests. In addition, I believe that the future will demonstrate that ServiceNow can also be leveraged as an enterprise-wide solution for the management of all back-office processes (HR, Finance, General Services, procurement, etc), that up to now were managed through a patch-work of non-integrated stand-alone tools.

My experience was primarily in the management of IT/SM integration of subsidiaries or newly acquired companies into a global standardized IT/SM framework of processes, tools and organizations, which clearly gave me the experience of how companies tackle these type of issues, how business reacts to IT programs, and how best to ensure that the business is on board and behind the change.

Key competencies




14 years of experience

I'm still using this competency




12 years of experience



14 years of experience

I'm still using this competency




4 years of experience

Latest experience

ISIT Program Manager

01.01.2016 - 31.12.2019

Key Achievements
• Delivered the IT global integration, in scope and under budget, despite an increasingly complex and organizationally/strategically complex environment.
• Delivered the integration with minimal impact on the day-to-day operations of the company, and with generally positive feedback from key senior management stakeholders.
• Successfully implemented a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) into one of the largest and most complex infrastructures in Europe.

IS/IT Service Manager

01.01.2011 - 31.12.2015

Key Achievements
• Re-organised the support organisation of the company, building a dedicated team of support coordinators for every customer stream, ensuring dedicated process support, escalation points, KPI reporting and training.
• Built a completely new offshore team, providing 24*7 support for key business processes.
• Built a sustain organization capable of supporting the deployment of a new enterprise level SAP system.
• Transformed the IT support processes into the standard process framework, despite major pushback from both operators and managers.
• Delivered the integration of one company entity into new entity, from an infrastructure and service management perspective, with minimal end-user impact.

IS/IT Audit Team Lead

01.04.2007 - 31.12.2010

Key Achievements
• Performed over 40 audits globally, despite a very political and tough strategic context, received positive feedback from all auditees.
• Provoked real change in the security and compliance context of the organization due to the delivery of value-adding audit points and reports.

Education / Training

University College Dublin

Bachelor 01.09.1997 - 01.06.2002

Bachelor of Business & Legal Studies: Joint degree between the faculty of law and commerce.
Graduated with honours.

Universidad de Salamanca

Bachelor 01.09.1999 - 01.07.2000

ERASMUS year in Spain studying Spanish Law.

European School Brussels II

Baccalauréat (m.) 01.09.1985 - 01.07.1997

European School in Brussels, Belgium.
Graduated in top quarter of the class.




C2 - Mastery or proficiency



C2 - Mastery or proficiency



C1 - Effective operational proficiency or advanced

Interest & Leisure

  • Music: Avid player of music, mainly guitar and bass, playing in a few local bands. Also frequent attendee of concerts (when time permits)

  • Rugby: Passionate about rugby (particularly the Irish national rugby team), also proud playing member (position: 2nd row) of the Riviera Rugby Club in Blonay.

  • Squash: Former captain of my college squash club, also played in Swiss Romande 1st division league with a local squash club.

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