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It’s time to discuss business shifts dealing with the lockdown exit phase. Those adjustments will only be successful with motivated employees. Despite the apprehension that some of us may feel, we all have to stand up, get rid of the boxes and embrace a new mindset!

Let’s learn from what we have been through during this crisis and seize the opportunities. Cultural shifts and adjustments are within reach of companies as well as individuals. Nevertheless, change needs to be accompanied to turn successful. 

Get ready for the new normal

Certainly, returning to work will be odd with socially distanced desks, masks, liters of hand sanitizer, plexiglass shields, meetings in limited capacity, split shifts, etc. And more disruptively, a growing number of employees will continue to work from home. Adapting to this new normal is a cultural and psychological challenge.

Research shows that the motivation and performance of an individual are mainly related to their adequacy to the corporate culture of the company or team. Personality on the other hand, indicates the potential of adaptation to the corporate culture or environment.

Identifying your corporate culture helps you understand and better target the companies you want to work for and also what you need to stay motivated. Furthermore, learning about your personality helps you understand your potential to adapt to a specific work environment.

Companies are also experiencing changes for which they need to adapt, for instance learning how to manage their teams remotely. Organizational change must be conducted and won’t turn right without a strategy. Understanding and knowing what their corporate culture is (the real one, not the displayed one), as well as the ones of their employees is a strength and an asset to face the challenges of Covid-19 crisis and its consequences.

Those tough times have led us to reflect on what matters most. Recovering represents a real challenge for everyone. By force, our mindsets have automatically evolved a bit or more. We all need to adjust. We want performance but we want balance.

We are here to help you in this quest. Benefit from our experience on coaching and assessing the corporate culture of employees, leaders, teams, departments or companies.

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